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Schiphol Airport (nl)

Elon Musk, Co2 conf. Paris (2015)

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Scandinavian electric car rally
Rav-4 Electric 1995, Toyota/Panasonic NiMh battery. Driver: Tomas Rådström
Pivco CityBee 1994 (Th!nk from Norway, battery: Saft STM liquid cooled NiCd 6V 100Ah?)
Buddy EV ? (From Norway, Unknown Lead Acid?)
Ford (Express?) Driver: Stig Blomqist
"Unknown blue car", Cal.stateUniv. 1995 Ovonic NiMh cells & Powerful AC drive.
Renault (Clio? Saft STM liquid cooled NiCd 6V 100Ah?)
Daihatsu 850 with 16pcs of Trojan T145 Lead Acid.
AirFuel Israeli company was there, they did show us the Zink-Air battery, vey high energy density.

If you know details about this race or any of the unusual cars, please feel free to add info in the comments here.